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I was walking around taking a few photos here and there and was reasonably happy with my street shooting, then I walked past a particular place where the contrast between the background and people was just perfect.  I found a great place to plonk myself on my rear end and waited for right time, the right peoples that made it interesting and I think I got a bunch of great shots….check them out!!!

Anyone who ventures to the Freo markets will recognise this guy, he is always there selling his boomerangs that actually work and flying them over everyones head in demonstrations.  I was quietly waiting for him to make eye contact while a rang was mid air, I waited for ages while the crowd was gathered and watching but he never looked my way til the end when the crowds had moved on and there were no rangs in flight but his smile makes the photo.big smiles

When you are in the city talking to your mates and you think it’s a private conversation, then think again.  There’s eyes and ears everywhere, listening and watching…just look around!!!

eyes and ears


I had a little time today, the trouble-n-strife was off doing something for herself (well, that’s not quite true but I had the time right…right!).  Previosuly i had done a few shots in a motion series, but used a camera that more suited this.  So of course I had to prove that the theory of the camera being better suited was just an excuse, so I used the current camera and it worked fine of course.


the chase is on

It is that time of year again and this amazing festival has hit Perth, where artist from across the country put on some amazing shows under the big tops, little tops and out in the open stars for all to enjoy.  What other place can you go to see Mermaids and Mermans, then on to some amazing Acrobats, Comedy, Music and even erotic Burlesque.

Enjoy a few snaps of my night in the Pleasure Garden!

I have been very quiet on the streetography front for a while now, not given up of course but have been taking a break and concentrating on my day job and family.  Saying that, I never stop looking and the streets and photographs, I was looking over my old galleries today and found a few film shots that I really liked and thought i’d share.

I haven’t blogged in a very long time, one could say I have been slack and I could make excuses like “work has been tough”, “I’m too busy”.  But, I really have basically been slack and work has been taking my mind away from creativity.

This day, I was out with the boss one lunchtime shooting the last shots on a roll of AGFA Precisa CT100 on my awesomeness Nikon F100 (for all you gear geeks like me who want to know what camera I was using) and this shot presented itself, I loved the shadows and tunnels feel of this walkway.