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You may all think I am crazy but it is true, does the internet lie?

If you recall, the last post I mentioned that I helped my ole mate Seng Mah from Venture Photography Workshops out on the Nikon Centennial Street Photography walk.  Part of that walk was a few challenges and one being the SSP.  That is right, the Street Stranger Portrait.  The idea of a SSP is to not just quickly snap a photo of a person and walk away but it is to meet them, talk to them, find out their story and take their portrait of a more composed nature, then show them the results.

Well, I met this lovely young lady, she was actually taking selfies in St Mary’s Cathedral. I introduced myself and explained what I was doing and then proceeded to get her story.  She is from Spain, here on holidays for a few more days before travelling over east for another couple of weeks and then home.

What I really saw was Wonder Woman, my gosh she was just as beautiful and was a spitting image of her but the dead give away was her top…clearly I had met the real Wonder Woman!
Wonder Woman


Another shot from Wing’s photowalk today in Leederville.  Definitely couldn’t resist capturing this little fella, his owner was lost in conversation with her friends but he was watching the world go by.  There was plenty of pooches around, seems these days that everyone likes to take them to cafes.


Summer is coming, you can tell these days cos the tourists….not that there is anything wrong with tourists of course as I wish to be one in another country myself…but they do buy the silliest hats.  I wonder if that is what us Aussie’s look like in Europe pr other places, we stand out because of our fashion. What do you think?funny hats

I saw the bird man in Northbridge again, he is rather connected to these pigeons and clearly loves them…feeding them, cuddling them, yep cuddling them….odd, well maybe but he is happy so good on him.

more birdies

Vivian Maier did it…..and so have I.  The Selfie!

I was in a bookshop today looking at photography books and found a book of Vivian Maier’s works, all about selfies.  These are not the selfie you see from teenagers all over facebook, these were classy selfies and it seems that all good street photographers should do some kind of selfies.selfie

Sometimes in the streets of Perth you see things that just make you smile.  On this particular day this guy made me smile with his connection with the birds.  He was feeding them for quite a while, they were sitting on his arm, his shoulders and hovering all around him.  I call him birdman.birdman

On my daily walk to work, I pass a restaurant every morning and usually see the owner somewhere close by.  The other day when I passed I saw the owner staring out the window which was definitely a Kodak moment, but I kept walking.  A few hundred meters down the road I stopped and decided to go back to meet the guy, after all I feel like I should know him seeing him so much. I chatted with him for a while and ended up capturing his portrait, we chatted mainly about his son who is into into film photography. Easily my favourite photo of the year! life