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A slightly misleading title, but there is a bus in the photo! It was the first thing that come to my head, remembering that TV show from the early 70s….again not really related to this photo cept it has blurry buses.

Blurry busses though I like, anything in motion be it the subject or be it the scene I like to make images with motion and this will be a subject for tomorrow nights Street Photography talk and mini workshop with the NEPG Camera Club.

I sometimes stand in one place, and keep shooting til I get the shot I want even if it means I get LEFT BEHIND BY THE GROUP haha. Yes I was out with an AIPP group the other week on a street photography walk through the city, and I found a spot that I wanted to shoot and nobody else even looked sideways…PERFECT, cos anyone who knows me shooting the streets knows big groups aren’t really my thing, though I still do them don’t get me wrong.

I took literally a dozen or more shots at this billboard, until I had a shot I was happy with…and this is it!

Another shot from the same place I have shot a few times, the good thing about this place is with the reflections and glass and peoples and cars you get different results every time you go there, love it!

I met up with a new street photography mate in the city the other day, we go out shooting and gas bagging about street and cameras in general. But we are there to shoot and every time I go out with him I feel inspired and grab a few shots I really like. I was grabbing this frame of the two huddled when this rude went running by and a quick reframe snap, I love it…what do you think?

Unfortunately in this case it is true, instead of looking up and checking out fabulous new architecture he had his head buried in a smartphone. Meanwhile, the new renos on the Myers building in Forrest Place is awesome for me to capture new and interesting photographs of the world as we know it.

I titled this photo purely for the look on the guys face, how happy does he look. Maybe he got just what he wanted from City Beach, or maybe even Pandora…ya just never know!

Going back over old photos is great for a couple of reasons, it is good just to see your work and you see it with different eyes. This particular photo I photographed in 2015 and found it again building a presentation for a couple of camera club meetings in the next month. I almost always, well mostly sometimes always convert to black and white with my SeanB preset pack that I have built in Lightroom, but I decided to re-edit or more like unedited to colour with just slight exposure and contrast changes.