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I am photographing many shows at @fringeworld in Perth this year, and while I am not shooting for Fringe I am shooting for me.

Last night after watching pirates fight with the general population with balloon swords, an extraordinary show took place. Mermaids no burlesque cabaret dancers no well yes to all the above, and I happened to be there with my trusty FujiFilm X100F.



It’s not every day you see these amazing drummers, they were doing a demo in the city for an up coming tour and no not just this one guy, there was LOTS in the group.  They were like a fierce fighting group, like warriors and what happens when you look around the crowds in these situations….BAM…there it was there, Once Were Warriors!!


When you are in the city talking to your mates and you think it’s a private conversation, then think again.  There’s eyes and ears everywhere, listening and watching…just look around!!!

eyes and ears


39 degrees C in Perth and the annual Beaufort Street Festival was on, and I wanted to go for a wonder in the hottest part of the day. You’d have thought it would have been quiet being so hot but no, there was millions of people there, ok maybe a slight exaggeration.  There is plenty to see, plenty to eat, more than plenty to drink and a whole heaps of entertainment…if you are into one of Perth’s biggest cultural events of the year, get yourself along.  I hear that after the sun goes down it rocks on until at least 9pm, then the pubs n clubs keep going.

Check out my whole gallery hereBeaufort Street Festival 1

Beaufort Street Festival 2 Beaufort Street Festival 3 Beaufort Street Festival 4  Beaufort Street Festival 5

The moment when you are too far away but realise ‘oh looksey, I have a zoom lens on the camera today’ awesome, 70mm click and capture a couple of guys jumping around.  I snuck up closer and ready to snap another shot but they packed up shop and took off….so this is it, enjoy!jumpin jack

I was shooting the streets with my good mate Wing today, there was an event and markets on in Northbridge.  Of course I took plenty of shots and they can be seen here.  I also took a couple of colour shots that needed to stay colour and I thought I’d share them with you all, not really street looking photos but still pretty cool.

Red Riding Hood

Band 2        Band 1        Pop Van       Shooting a Star

You know what the hardest thing to photograph in street photography is?

Bloody clowns.

Just when you think you have them sussed and grab their attention long enough to take a photograph of them……pow……they pull a funny face!

Funny face