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I sometimes stand in one place, and keep shooting til I get the shot I want even if it means I get LEFT BEHIND BY THE GROUP haha. Yes I was out with an AIPP group the other week on a street photography walk through the city, and I found a spot that I wanted to shoot and nobody else even looked sideways…PERFECT, cos anyone who knows me shooting the streets knows big groups aren’t really my thing, though I still do them don’t get me wrong.

I took literally a dozen or more shots at this billboard, until I had a shot I was happy with…and this is it!

What a day, Street Photography Perspectives presentations with three of Perths street togs, and the Fried Chicken with a bunch of mates, and then into Forrest Chase to catch he amazing Northern Lights…cough…the Aurora Borealis anyways. But what do I do, watch peoples. cos that is what I do right!

Going back over old photos is great for a couple of reasons, it is good just to see your work and you see it with different eyes. This particular photo I photographed in 2015 and found it again building a presentation for a couple of camera club meetings in the next month. I almost always, well mostly sometimes always convert to black and white with my SeanB preset pack that I have built in Lightroom, but I decided to re-edit or more like unedited to colour with just slight exposure and contrast changes.

A particular shot I like when shooting the streets is groups of people, faces or just things…but it is not always easy to make something from nothing so to speak. Todays efforts are far from perfect, but I like them anyways and this particular photo I like the grip of school boys, with the guy almost rushing past them and staring me down…though I am sure he actually wasn’t and more than likely using to the train station a little further up.

Walking down King St on the way back to the car today I saw this very cool carpark entrance, it was open admittedly when I first saw it but by the time I got the camera out of the bag it was closed. Still cool though right, time to wait and see what the peoples gave me…I got a couple of decent shots, what I really wanted was a bike but alas in the city with millions of bikes usually I saw none.

Today was interesting, it was people getting to where they wanted to go on a busy Friday lunch, nothing super interesting but I found myself fascinated (easily pleased I know) with people power walking or strutting their stuff…maybe it is just me that saw this, I done;t really know!

Anther day in the hunt for that decisive moment, and there is plenty of opportunities around the summaries in the city.  What was I looking for today you ask, or you thought, or I am just going to tell you anyways.  Something different, not your usual street shot but a scene in time, with people content and little bit of magic.expanda

It’s 2019, and I went for a wonder around my amazing city to see what I could find.  Of course I go through the favourite spots, looking for something different and thats what I found today.  A person, minuscule in the scheme of things against the tall buildings and framed in an arch. minature1

This is a recent photo that’s I REALLY love, and yes of course I love my own work.  It’s a scene I saw walking the streets with my giant D850 with a 50mm, not my usual street camera but anything can work.  It’ full of reflections and scenery through the glass, can you tell them apart?see through

The morning of @cameraelectronic Photo Live Expo and I arrived 15 mins early, so walked from the car the long way to see if I could capture anything cool in the streets.  Not many peoples out and about, and it was pretty lame but I passed this cool building, and decided to capture a frame when these peoples started walking through my scene…bonus!the wall