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I went out today in search of motion, yes yes of course I already shoot to many motion photographs but I like them.  I walked a different location that usual and saw these stairs, all I needed now was a little motion and then there was a pair!stair n pair

I was out shooting the streets with a couple of good mates yesterday and e stopped by one of our favourite places, a staircase above a driveway heading across a footbridge.  I have a few shots already from there at different angles but this guy gliding down the stairs  and out of my view caught my eye…I liked the contrast in colours between the drab concrete and his shirt, also the frame in mind was the stairs leading into the frame and out.  I have a few more ideas for this spot so I will visit again.

down an out

A great place to shoot the streets around Perth is around the Cultural Centre , there are plenty of interesting and different things, gardens, ponds, brightly coloured stairs and then there is the peoples….”Cultural” peoples….get out there and shoo the streets!

Up the red stairs

I walked past a stair well door and glanced this guy walking up the stairs but was taken by the flow of peoples away before I could snap a shot.  No no, I was determined so I pushed my way back when I noticed i could see him through this grate.  That was it, wait for him to pass through the light then i would snap away, bingo he not only got to the sunlight shining through but he paused right there, he was resting half way up the stairs in the warm sun.

Half way rest