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Over the last week or so I was shooting a roll of Kodak Portra 160 in my Olympus Trip 35, which I have had for over a year without trying it out. Such a fun camera to use and dead simple, any idiot like myself can use it….hey what, who said that!

Generally my film ventures are mixtures of street photography, streetscapes and other totally random stuff.  I must say that every single frame from this roll I was happy with, except maybe the frame when the girl walked in front of the awesome Targa West beast of a car.  I can see myself shooting more and more film in the future, watch this space…


Out shooting the streets again, as I do…and despite how much I tried with some peoples to gain some attention, they just passed by.  I am sure they all saw me but chose to ignore me and not make any eye contact. So this series of photos if of peoples just passing by.

Girl just passing by Coffee dude just passing by Deliveries ust passing by The hat just passing by

I love reflections, awesome fun to shoot…the other week shooting in puddles from the rain, this week windows.  One of my top ten tips for street photography is look for reflections, peoples when you are out shooting the streets think out of the box!




The  first roll of film through my new Leica M6 was Kodak Portra 400.  Is it a good street photography film, it definitely has its merits but it also has its flaws.  If your shooting in mixed light-n-shadow situations it can be a little annoying, what I think I need to do next time is under expose slightly.  The whole Leica experience for me was a buzz, how cool did I feel walking around with a Leica around my neck… roll, Kodak Tri-X 400.

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