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When shooting the streets I am looking for something interesting, be that a person or group of people doing something odd or just being themselves.  Often I see many things happening that may be somewhat ordinary, but combined and layered in a photograph they make the scene look very cool and worthy of a capture.  These are normal people, going about their business and they all made me happy creating art.layers

When you are in the city talking to your mates and you think it’s a private conversation, then think again.  There’s eyes and ears everywhere, listening and watching…just look around!!!

eyes and ears


39 degrees C in Perth and the annual Beaufort Street Festival was on, and I wanted to go for a wonder in the hottest part of the day. You’d have thought it would have been quiet being so hot but no, there was millions of people there, ok maybe a slight exaggeration.  There is plenty to see, plenty to eat, more than plenty to drink and a whole heaps of entertainment…if you are into one of Perth’s biggest cultural events of the year, get yourself along.  I hear that after the sun goes down it rocks on until at least 9pm, then the pubs n clubs keep going.

Check out my whole gallery hereBeaufort Street Festival 1

Beaufort Street Festival 2 Beaufort Street Festival 3 Beaufort Street Festival 4  Beaufort Street Festival 5

Even on holidays, at the beach and watching a fishing competition I found some kind of street shot, though not technically street photography it caught my attention and today I share this with you….back to street photography in the coming weeks!birdies

A lovely day in Perth and I actually had time for a walk between meetings, what more could one want.  I went to streets I hadn’t been for a while, trying to capture that “special” shot but all I could do was enjoy the sunshine.  But of course I snapped a few to share and not my usual black & white, but in colour or should I say washed colour.

Sunshine & Darkness  he saw metatts

Today was a great day, I attended a Perth Street Photography organised by my good mate Carlos from Carlos Arevalo Photography.  It is always great to catch up with old friends and friends that you’ve never met in rea life and also to make new friends.

Of course with a large group shooting street photography is harder to blend in with cameras everywhere, then again I was one camera in amongst 50 others (two actually, shot film as well but they aren’t developed yet).  I shot the Olympus OM-D E-M1 and the 12-40mm today as I leant my favourite street lens to a mate going overseas.  Not my ideal lens but it works well and along side my Nikon F90X and a roll of Kodak Portra 400, lovely camera and expecting big results as soon as I finish the roll.

Enjoy my digital shots from the day, a mixed bunch of fun…


I was shooting the streets with my good mate Wing today, there was an event and markets on in Northbridge.  Of course I took plenty of shots and they can be seen here.  I also took a couple of colour shots that needed to stay colour and I thought I’d share them with you all, not really street looking photos but still pretty cool.

Red Riding Hood

Band 2        Band 1        Pop Van       Shooting a Star

It is amazing to walk around the city these days and see technology everywhere and in just about everyones hands.  What is sad though, half of Perth seems to have their faces buried in their mobile phones while walking the malls.  I noticed this guy was confused with technology, or which technology to use and even with both hands full you see he has more in his pocket.  Wake up peoples, look around there is so much happening around our beautiful city now days and food places.  There is so many places to eat now days, we are blessed with choice.

technology choices

Walking behind restaurants is sometimes interesting, most people wouldn’t even look twice at this guy taking the garbage in…yes in, not out.  But of course when you are a street photographer you can look at just about anything and find it interesting.  I was hoping he saw me so I could capture his emotion but then again he probably wouldn’t have wanted to be caught with the garbage and I respect that so this to me was perfect.  Notice the stripy apron vs the stripy weather boards.

garbage in

Sometimes you come across that special moment when you are out on the streets where you simply must take a picture, when the light is perfect, the heads are all facing the right way and they even have a sign telling you that this is a photographic opportunity. photo opportunity