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I was asked by my good mate Seng Man from Venture Photography Workshops to join him on a photowalk for the Nikon Centennial, there was about 20 peoples and we wandered the streets of Perth capturing some special moments.

Seng offered his take on Street Photography and how he shoots, very similar to myself only different and that is the beautiful thing with Street Photography we can all shoot our own way, whatever it takes to capture that illusive moment in time.

I was able to share some of my methods and ideas, and shooting a couple of stranger portraits which is always fun as it is the time you interact and have a proper conversation with your subject but that’s for another post.


It’s been way long between posts, I have been around and still taking photos but just not as much street photography as I would like.  I’d like to say that I am back shooting the streets daily but that would be a lie, I am a busy lad these days volunteer shooting and will be playing in studios.

Today, took me back to my roots of street photography and back into the heart of Perth City.  There was a dance performance there when I got in, raising money for charity and though I couldn’t see from the back I had an interesting shot which I will share here.


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