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When shooting the streets I am looking for something interesting, be that a person or group of people doing something odd or just being themselves.  Often I see many things happening that may be somewhat ordinary, but combined and layered in a photograph they make the scene look very cool and worthy of a capture.  These are normal people, going about their business and they all made me happy creating art.layers


Summer is coming, you can tell these days cos the tourists….not that there is anything wrong with tourists of course as I wish to be one in another country myself…but they do buy the silliest hats.  I wonder if that is what us Aussie’s look like in Europe pr other places, we stand out because of our fashion. What do you think?funny hats

Sometimes in the city, we realise that we are really very small…the world is a big place, the city is a big place (despite being little old Perth).  This picture tells the story, a little man in a big world.little man in a big world

It is amazing to walk around the city these days and see technology everywhere and in just about everyones hands.  What is sad though, half of Perth seems to have their faces buried in their mobile phones while walking the malls.  I noticed this guy was confused with technology, or which technology to use and even with both hands full you see he has more in his pocket.  Wake up peoples, look around there is so much happening around our beautiful city now days and food places.  There is so many places to eat now days, we are blessed with choice.

technology choices

I walk around the city at lunchtime a lot, as many as you will know.  I want to shoot “different” things happening which is what I am looking for, not every second person on a mobile phone or eating or just walking from one place to another.  This dude this day was just an ordinary person doing nothing interesting but when you build him into  the surrounds, I get to make up my own story…clearly he wasn’t shoe shopping….or was he 😉shoe shopping