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I went out today in search of motion, yes yes of course I already shoot to many motion photographs but I like them.  I walked a different location that usual and saw these stairs, all I needed now was a little motion and then there was a pair!stair n pair

Inspired by a recent chat with the local street photography gang here in Perth, I went out today specifically for lunch, no no seriously specifically with some kid of motion in mind.  I wandered around a few different spots and captured a few shots but this was by far my fav. motion

I had a little time today, the trouble-n-strife was off doing something for herself (well, that’s not quite true but I had the time right…right!).  Previosuly i had done a few shots in a motion series, but used a camera that more suited this.  So of course I had to prove that the theory of the camera being better suited was just an excuse, so I used the current camera and it worked fine of course.


the chase is on

I have been actively trying to shoot movement in recent times and I am pretty darn happy with the results, I have a bunch of wizz bang shots I even like myself.  Generally they are either peoples or vehicle movements, the next challenge is to incorporate animals…that should be interesting and hard as there isn’t many animals on the streets in Perth.waiting

I am always on the hunt for new locations around the streets of Perth to shoot “different” street photography and of late have been playing with motion as you would have seen from the previous post “Journey”.   Today I find a cool location, waited a long time and I was quite patient surprisingly but in the end it was worth it as I captured shot that I was looking for.just do 50

I am inspired to shoot some street photography that is a little different than just people doing stuff, well that is hard to explain but I want more structure and better framed.  Find an interesting spot and wait for something to happen that catches my eye, but find a spot that has character.  The result, one of my favourite street photos to date.journey