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I took the family to the Vintage Collector Markets at the old Midland Railway Workshops on the weekend and I have to say what an awesome location, I hope there is many more events there in the future.  Unfortunately I wasn’t there long enough, and having the family with me means that not much street photography but I shot a bunch of photos which I shared on my personal Facebook page. I did snap this one I will share with you guys here, was a cool scene of a couple of guys talking toys…reminded me of my mate and I, you are never to old for toys.


Toys Wanted!


Following on from my last post of the Photo Trek with Venture Photography, a few shots from the sunset food markets…Hot donuts

Moroccan please 

A man, his dogs and beer

Even dogs line up


For everyone that has been to Bangkok and seen the taxis there, they are bright and colourful thats for sure.  I was told by the locals to only catch the “nice” taxis, the clean and tidy taxis, the taxis with a meter.  I kid you not, there must have been a billion bright pink taxis, another billion green-n-gold taxis and of course a few more billion tuk tuks.  I still managed to take a “nice” taxi and he take me to the wrong hotel…just my luck!you want taxi?

I had young Tristan Jud run a street photography for my work photo group today, of course I was there to help out, heckle and generally make a nuisance of myself…I think I did a good job really.  I went through the markets, wow lots to see in there…and to eat, so much yummy food to eat.  There are plenty of peoples selling absolute rubbish, but they dress in quirky clothes or in some some cases had pretty girls with big boobs, no I am not trying to be sexist or anything but that was what it was like.

The Pledge