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Anyone who ventures to the Freo markets will recognise this guy, he is always there selling his boomerangs that actually work and flying them over everyones head in demonstrations.  I was quietly waiting for him to make eye contact while a rang was mid air, I waited for ages while the crowd was gathered and watching but he never looked my way til the end when the crowds had moved on and there were no rangs in flight but his smile makes the photo.big smiles


Funny thing I was shooting some street and tasting these lovely hot-n-spicy sausages from this vendor, awesome food and VERY hot.  She clearly did not want her photo taken but at the same time she was more than happy for me to shoot the shop.  Yeah right, look at her peeking she was cook with it but just being cheeky haha….now the funny thing was a good mate Tristan Jud also came up to the stall and was snapping away, she didn’t stand a chance…and we still hung around tasting the goods, she was all good.

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