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Sometimes in the city, we realise that we are really very small…the world is a big place, the city is a big place (despite being little old Perth).  This picture tells the story, a little man in a big world.little man in a big world

One of the biggest events of the year for my home town, Perth was The Giants.  In a nutshell the giant little girl was in search for her uncle, the giant diver.  Of course there is much more of a story than that but you’ll have to read the story to find that out. It was all part of Perth Festival which is on from 13th February to March 7th and this overlaps Fringe World Festival, Perth is on fire at the moment and the city is beaming with people, food and things to do.

giants1  giants2giants3  giants4giants5  giants6

I have been actively trying to shoot movement in recent times and I am pretty darn happy with the results, I have a bunch of wizz bang shots I even like myself.  Generally they are either peoples or vehicle movements, the next challenge is to incorporate animals…that should be interesting and hard as there isn’t many animals on the streets in Perth.waiting

I am inspired to shoot some street photography that is a little different than just people doing stuff, well that is hard to explain but I want more structure and better framed.  Find an interesting spot and wait for something to happen that catches my eye, but find a spot that has character.  The result, one of my favourite street photos to date.journey

I have been away for a couple of weeks and haven’t shot the streets much let alone posted, but this past few days I have enjoyed the walks.  Spring is here, the fashion changes, there is more and more peoples out and the whole vibe has changed….love it, bring on summer!

lovers fixing the up thing looking at transporter

It was a cool lunchtime walking the malls of Perth and was much the same as it has been of late, hundreds of peoples on their smart phones or eating or just plain commuting. As the two girls were chatting this guy walked past them, not sure what they were saying but they definitely caught his attention enough to turn his head and eavesdrop….I wonder what they said.

…and don’t forget, I will be one of 30 Artists exhibiting their work and COMMUNIQUÉ next Thursday night @ The Bakery


I am out shooting the streets of Perth regularly at lunchtime and the people are really great, provide me with lots of interesting opportunities to create some cool photos.  But this guy clearly didn’t want to be seen, hiding behind the pole like that haha


I had a recent work trip to Melbourne, I know right it’s a hard life.  Of course there was time after the conference in the arvo to go shooting…and I did. I found that Melbourne was HUGE, a lot of walking, a lot of streets to cover with all sorts of people from all walks of life.  Really interesting place to shoot, for all you Aussie street photographers out there, go book your trips now!

A taste of what you will see…




Angels and Skulls

I noticed this couple today, the guy had his head buried in his smartphone and the girl was just sitting there watching the world go by clearly not paying attention to anything the guy was saying.  To many people now days are buried in their smartphones and I notice myself doing it as well, I make myself stop….at times, but I need to make myself stop more!phone or me

You have one of those days where everything seems to work, the inspiration is there and you’re on a roll.  That was today, I only had 45 mins to shoot and I literally got a bunch of keepers.  If I haven’t mentioned before I love the alley ways around Perth and often stop to look at them. Bam, today I stopped and I saw this lady walking past, too interesting with her walking cane and bags.Walker