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It is amazing to walk around the city these days and see technology everywhere and in just about everyones hands.  What is sad though, half of Perth seems to have their faces buried in their mobile phones while walking the malls.  I noticed this guy was confused with technology, or which technology to use and even with both hands full you see he has more in his pocket.  Wake up peoples, look around there is so much happening around our beautiful city now days and food places.  There is so many places to eat now days, we are blessed with choice.

technology choices

Walking behind restaurants is sometimes interesting, most people wouldn’t even look twice at this guy taking the garbage in…yes in, not out.  But of course when you are a street photographer you can look at just about anything and find it interesting.  I was hoping he saw me so I could capture his emotion but then again he probably wouldn’t have wanted to be caught with the garbage and I respect that so this to me was perfect.  Notice the stripy apron vs the stripy weather boards.

garbage in

Sometimes you come across that special moment when you are out on the streets where you simply must take a picture, when the light is perfect, the heads are all facing the right way and they even have a sign telling you that this is a photographic opportunity. photo opportunity

I see faces, true story….I was at the Venture Photography Twilight Photowalk last night capturing peoples, twilight kinda stuff and peoples (which is what I am most interested in).  We come to near the end of the walk before settling in and doing some longer exposure fun shooting and I sat on a wall watching the world go by….then it hit me, look at the shots I could be capturing so I waited and waited, shooting and shooting, THEN bam, pow, biff….look at the result, I love it and I had to keep it in colour, the faces on the crowd in the bus is gold!faces

Another year goes by with the amazing Fringe World festival in Perth, Western Australia.  I didn’t manage to get to any of the events this year for different reasons but I did manage to capture some people around the illuminated signage, a favourite spot for selfies and photos alike (myself included as you can see).


fringeworld2   fringeworld1

I was on a search for interesting things to photograph in the streets, but using my 75mm lens on the OM-D E-M1.  Traditionally this is NOT the lens to use for street photography, though I somewhat disagree, you can shoot street with anything and still come up with amazing results.  In this case, the extra zoom came in handy when I saw this man and his beloved bird *cough cough*  It is a very busy scene but for me that was half the interest for me and I made it black & white but the flamingo became somewhat lost.

bird lover

It has been a slow start in 2015  for my street photography, but not for photography in general….I do have another life as many of you may already know.  Today I was on a mission, shoot some of the interesting peoples around the city on this lovely 40 degree summers day.  This guy was interesting, dressed to keep cool with bags of….who knows what….and if you look very carefully there is a tiny person coming out of his pocket (yes that was just lucky timing)packed-n-ready

have you ever felt alone in a big city, well this isn’t really about that but more about how this person seemed to be in rows of chairs that were set up for a big event.  The event being the turning on of the Christmas lights here in my home city of Perth which happens to be tonight.alone

I am always on the hunt for new locations around the streets of Perth to shoot “different” street photography and of late have been playing with motion as you would have seen from the previous post “Journey”.   Today I find a cool location, waited a long time and I was quite patient surprisingly but in the end it was worth it as I captured shot that I was looking for.just do 50

An interesting stroll in the city today, everyone seemed to be carrying things and not little things, or even carrying them the right way.  I mean who pushes a rather large trolley up escalators and who throws fully dress mannequins over their shoulder, then walks them down the malls of the city.  Well, these guys do and they make good subjects for my photography so I thank them.

up the escalator  mannequin over the shoulder