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It was a hot sunny day in Perth and everyone was out to play, well…work and commuting to and from anyway.  I went for a walk with my mate Wing, a fellow streettog, in one of our favourite places.  It wasn’t particular exciting today though, not a lot happening or perhaps it was just too hot.  I took a few shots which I thought looked cool at the time, but once I looked at them in Lightroom (my favourite photo developing software) I found that there was one in particular I liked, a juxtaposition shot….can you see it?stripes and spots


Following on from my previous post…
Today was the festival for Chinese New Year held in Northbridge.  They block off the streets from cars and literally there are people everywere, so busy.  There are heaps of food stalls, products stalls and even freebie giveaways.  The lion dancers are always popular, they moved up and down the street stopping for displays, smartphones and cameras come out and hundreds of photos taken.  Today I am sharing some of the photos from my gallery,  to see the rest checkout the gallerys on my streetography facebook page with the link below.

CNY Festival 5 CNY Festival 14 CNY Festival 3 CNY Festival 2 CNY Festival 1

For everyone that has been to Bangkok and seen the taxis there, they are bright and colourful thats for sure.  I was told by the locals to only catch the “nice” taxis, the clean and tidy taxis, the taxis with a meter.  I kid you not, there must have been a billion bright pink taxis, another billion green-n-gold taxis and of course a few more billion tuk tuks.  I still managed to take a “nice” taxi and he take me to the wrong hotel…just my luck!you want taxi?

I was sent away for work on a training course to Bangkok for 2 weeks, while I had to work and the training was quite intensive I did have the occasion to go out shooting the streets of Bangkok, or should I say the back streets. as I was far from touristy areas.  I consciously tried not to take advantage of the lives of Thai peoples less fortunate than myself but I did manage to grab a few special shots will I will share over the coming week.  One thing that I noticed was transport, much the same kinds as anywhere but more so how they used it compared to my home town of Perth.  The first photo I will share, probably my favourite of the trip and one of many transport shots “The long ride home”

The long ride home

What I like to look for in the streets is something different, something strange or just out of place.  Today, while out on a walk with my good streettog mate Wing we came across this slightly strange man sitting doing his own thing with not a care in the world.  When I walked over to shoot him I noticed the sculptures in the background and had to move around til they were all perfectly aligned.  I did not want to disturb him, I wanted to capture what drew my attention in the first place.

Stripy sculptures and funny hats

At first I was shooting a couple of mice in the mall, but out of the corner of my viewfinder I saw a much better event happening.  Of course I was too far away for the initial shot so I framed it all knowing that I would crop in post production.  After a day of having just the girls cropped  (my initial goal) and posted to various sites, the more I thought about it the more I liked the whole photo….and here it is, enjoy….but checkout the look from the girl on the left.of mice and women

What I love about Perth is the cool alley ways that are around the place, there are a bunch of them with either graffiti, posters (as this one is) and even ones with cool destinations at the ends.  I often walk past the Salvo’s on Murray Street and they have a lot of posters for whatever up on the walls.  If you go back in my galleries on my facebook page streetography, through my eyes.  I watched this particular alleyway filled with “Loving the 90s” signs months if not years ago and yesterday they covered it with “Loving the 80s” signs….hey, who am I to say but I am an 80s child.Loving the 80s over the 90s