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For everyone that has been to Bangkok and seen the taxis there, they are bright and colourful thats for sure.  I was told by the locals to only catch the “nice” taxis, the clean and tidy taxis, the taxis with a meter.  I kid you not, there must have been a billion bright pink taxis, another billion green-n-gold taxis and of course a few more billion tuk tuks.  I still managed to take a “nice” taxi and he take me to the wrong hotel…just my luck!you want taxi?


I was sent away for work on a training course to Bangkok for 2 weeks, while I had to work and the training was quite intensive I did have the occasion to go out shooting the streets of Bangkok, or should I say the back streets. as I was far from touristy areas.  I consciously tried not to take advantage of the lives of Thai peoples less fortunate than myself but I did manage to grab a few special shots will I will share over the coming week.  One thing that I noticed was transport, much the same kinds as anywhere but more so how they used it compared to my home town of Perth.  The first photo I will share, probably my favourite of the trip and one of many transport shots “The long ride home”

The long ride home

What I like to look for in the streets is something different, something strange or just out of place.  Today, while out on a walk with my good streettog mate Wing we came across this slightly strange man sitting doing his own thing with not a care in the world.  When I walked over to shoot him I noticed the sculptures in the background and had to move around til they were all perfectly aligned.  I did not want to disturb him, I wanted to capture what drew my attention in the first place.

Stripy sculptures and funny hats

At first I was shooting a couple of mice in the mall, but out of the corner of my viewfinder I saw a much better event happening.  Of course I was too far away for the initial shot so I framed it all knowing that I would crop in post production.  After a day of having just the girls cropped  (my initial goal) and posted to various sites, the more I thought about it the more I liked the whole photo….and here it is, enjoy….but checkout the look from the girl on the left.of mice and women

What I love about Perth is the cool alley ways that are around the place, there are a bunch of them with either graffiti, posters (as this one is) and even ones with cool destinations at the ends.  I often walk past the Salvo’s on Murray Street and they have a lot of posters for whatever up on the walls.  If you go back in my galleries on my facebook page streetography, through my eyes.  I watched this particular alleyway filled with “Loving the 90s” signs months if not years ago and yesterday they covered it with “Loving the 80s” signs….hey, who am I to say but I am an 80s child.Loving the 80s over the 90s

It’s not everyday you see an alien stumbling out of a pub, but yep today was the day….I saw ET, the one the only alien that captured out hearts in the early 80s stumbling out of the Belgian Beer Cafe….need I say more!


Not sure entirely what this lady was talking about, nor do I really want to know but she was very serious on the telephone and I suspect she was spinning a deal.  Maybe it was just a serious conversation with a friend, whatever it was she gave me the perfect opportunity to grab a snap….after she caught me eye we exchanged smiles and I went on with my business and she went on with hers.Cafe business