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Took the girls to the Hyde Park Fair today.  It was another amazingly bloody hot day here in Perth, the Fair is on this time of year every year and there is still packed with thousands of peoples enjoying the day.

The youngens were on some super bounce bungee jumping trampoline thing, and while they were there I went to have a gander at the vintage car display.  Plenty of amazing old cars, lots of history but what did I spy in the back seat of one of the cars…this older gent flaked out fast asleep in the back.


back seat sleeper


A good day, met up with a fellow streettog Wing Chung and after noodles at the favourite place in the city “Newton Circle” we headed out to the streets to shoot people.  I meant photograph people of course, and you can’t half tell it’s under a week before Christmas, there were peoples everywhere shopping….at the shop….wait for it, check out this shot of the day.


back to back

This is George, admiring the works of Horatio…the man behind the art behind the wall.  Anyone from Freo, or anyone who has visited Freo has probably seen this wall and possibly with the man creating this amazing art piece.


Horatio’s Wall


You know it’s summer in Perth when the Christmas lights are up, the giant tree is set up in Forrest Place and of course the City Night Markets on Friday night.  I walked through there on the way to my car tonight, peoples everywhere which of course is great for street photographers.


Summer in Perth

It’s been way long between posts, I have been around and still taking photos but just not as much street photography as I would like.  I’d like to say that I am back shooting the streets daily but that would be a lie, I am a busy lad these days volunteer shooting and will be playing in studios.

Today, took me back to my roots of street photography and back into the heart of Perth City.  There was a dance performance there when I got in, raising money for charity and though I couldn’t see from the back I had an interesting shot which I will share here.


Keep the Flame Alive