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Inspired by a recent chat with the local street photography gang here in Perth, I went out today specifically for lunch, no no seriously specifically with some kid of motion in mind.  I wandered around a few different spots and captured a few shots but this was by far my fav. motion

2018 man these years are coming around faster and faster, yet I don’t think I am getting any faster.  My first post for the year, as I picked up a roll of film from the lab today which was shot on my TANK of a camera Nikon F3 on Agfa Vista 400 film.

Realistically this was shot between Christmas and New Years, though I count it as when it is developed which enables me to use it in 2018 posts of course as I think it is brilliant…cough, see you around the streets of Perth.


Over the last week or so I was shooting a roll of Kodak Portra 160 in my Olympus Trip 35, which I have had for over a year without trying it out. Such a fun camera to use and dead simple, any idiot like myself can use it….hey what, who said that!

Generally my film ventures are mixtures of street photography, streetscapes and other totally random stuff.  I must say that every single frame from this roll I was happy with, except maybe the frame when the girl walked in front of the awesome Targa West beast of a car.  I can see myself shooting more and more film in the future, watch this space…

It is that time of year again and this amazing festival has hit Perth, where artist from across the country put on some amazing shows under the big tops, little tops and out in the open stars for all to enjoy.  What other place can you go to see Mermaids and Mermans, then on to some amazing Acrobats, Comedy, Music and even erotic Burlesque.

Enjoy a few snaps of my night in the Pleasure Garden!

I took the family to the Vintage Collector Markets at the old Midland Railway Workshops on the weekend and I have to say what an awesome location, I hope there is many more events there in the future.  Unfortunately I wasn’t there long enough, and having the family with me means that not much street photography but I shot a bunch of photos which I shared on my personal Facebook page. I did snap this one I will share with you guys here, was a cool scene of a couple of guys talking toys…reminded me of my mate and I, you are never to old for toys.


Toys Wanted!

A good day, met up with a fellow streettog Wing Chung and after noodles at the favourite place in the city “Newton Circle” we headed out to the streets to shoot people.  I meant photograph people of course, and you can’t half tell it’s under a week before Christmas, there were peoples everywhere shopping….at the shop….wait for it, check out this shot of the day.


back to back

Lots of tourists in the city these days, even in the middle of winter believe it or not.  With tourists, there is lots of souvenir shops that are open all the time and my gosh they sell soem absolute crap in them.  If tourists by these things and take them home, everyone who sees the junk they bought probably think that us here in Australia make and sell crap, most of the time they aren’t even made here.  I photographed these two lovely girls in front of such shop….lease please tell me you didn’t buy any crappy souvenirs girls!


During the Photo Expose WA event “Streetography PhotoWalk” I not only shot the M9 leant to me by Saul from Camera Electronic, but I also shot my beloved Leica M6 with Kodak Tri-X.  I must say this film works a treat on the old M6, but it all depends on the processing and scanning.  For this I used Fitzgerald’s, not sure if anyone else uses them but I definitely find them the best for me.

No photos Reflection of a streettog Window shopping iPad-ography He nearly needed it! Baby dragon One burger please   Pinup portrait Sitting with the crowds Grasshopper-togs

My good friends Seng Mah (Venture Photography)  and Tristan Judd (RAW) organised a week long event called Photo Expose WA in Perth.  It’s a bunch of different photo sessions/workshops/talks etc that are completely free.  The first cab off the rank was “Streetography Photowalk with Sean Breadsell” hang on that is me haha.

We were lucky enough to have Camera Electronic come along to the event, Mich brought along a bag full of cameras suited for street photography.  Of course I had to have a go of the Leica M9 and the Summilux-M 35mm 1.4.  I am fairly used to using a Leica but of the film variety, when I say used to I have put 4 rolls through my M6 so far…so not that used to it really.  I do wish that I had more time top play with it, but I did manage a few shots…

Mr Seng Mah The boxer Trashy Oblivious Street portrait Bird boy Talking to... Follow the girl


Out shooting the streets again, as I do…and despite how much I tried with some peoples to gain some attention, they just passed by.  I am sure they all saw me but chose to ignore me and not make any eye contact. So this series of photos if of peoples just passing by.

Girl just passing by Coffee dude just passing by Deliveries ust passing by The hat just passing by