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At first I was shooting a couple of mice in the mall, but out of the corner of my viewfinder I saw a much better event happening.  Of course I was too far away for the initial shot so I framed it all knowing that I would crop in post production.  After a day of having just the girls cropped  (my initial goal) and posted to various sites, the more I thought about it the more I liked the whole photo….and here it is, enjoy….but checkout the look from the girl on the left.of mice and women


What I love about Perth is the cool alley ways that are around the place, there are a bunch of them with either graffiti, posters (as this one is) and even ones with cool destinations at the ends.  I often walk past the Salvo’s on Murray Street and they have a lot of posters for whatever up on the walls.  If you go back in my galleries on my facebook page streetography, through my eyes.  I watched this particular alleyway filled with “Loving the 90s” signs months if not years ago and yesterday they covered it with “Loving the 80s” signs….hey, who am I to say but I am an 80s child.Loving the 80s over the 90s

It’s not everyday you see an alien stumbling out of a pub, but yep today was the day….I saw ET, the one the only alien that captured out hearts in the early 80s stumbling out of the Belgian Beer Cafe….need I say more!


Not sure entirely what this lady was talking about, nor do I really want to know but she was very serious on the telephone and I suspect she was spinning a deal.  Maybe it was just a serious conversation with a friend, whatever it was she gave me the perfect opportunity to grab a snap….after she caught me eye we exchanged smiles and I went on with my business and she went on with hers.Cafe business

I was waiting for a couple of streettogs in the city today.  The odd bus or ten were going by and reminded me of a shot I have always wanted to try, of course I couldn’t get the ultimate subject but this pair were ok….snap, slow enough shutter to blur out the bus, and enough to reflect the famous Perth cactus.

Bus reflections

I walked past a stair well door and glanced this guy walking up the stairs but was taken by the flow of peoples away before I could snap a shot.  No no, I was determined so I pushed my way back when I noticed i could see him through this grate.  That was it, wait for him to pass through the light then i would snap away, bingo he not only got to the sunlight shining through but he paused right there, he was resting half way up the stairs in the warm sun.

Half way rest

Was a wet day in Perth today, got a little wet walking into town but for all good fun…lots of reflections and lots of peoples out n about despite the shocking weather. I managed to snap a few, even with peoples walking through my puddles and disturbing them.

Puddle Reflections

Puddle Reflections

Puddle Reflections

Puddle Reflections