Today was interesting, it was people getting to where they wanted to go on a busy Friday lunch, nothing super interesting but I found myself fascinated (easily pleased I know) with people power walking or strutting their stuff…maybe it is just me that saw this, I done;t really know!


Not every photo I take is perfect, I know right hard to believe haha.  Sometimes I see a scene unfold in front of me and I absolutely want that shot no matter what, sure it is not perfectly framed, sure it is a little too far away and busy.  Yes I sometimes crop, I’m not bothered by so-called rules as they don’t apply to my photography, through MY eyes.  Anyways, rambling here…this was todays shot and this is not cropped, though straitened a little to help the world look a little more upright.

I see  man zipping behind the bus with a dancing man in his blue costume on top of his head, what do you see?dancing man

Anther day in the hunt for that decisive moment, and there is plenty of opportunities around the summaries in the city.  What was I looking for today you ask, or you thought, or I am just going to tell you anyways.  Something different, not your usual street shot but a scene in time, with people content and little bit of magic.expanda

It’s 2019, and I went for a wonder around my amazing city to see what I could find.  Of course I go through the favourite spots, looking for something different and thats what I found today.  A person, minuscule in the scheme of things against the tall buildings and framed in an arch. minature1

This is a recent photo that’s I REALLY love, and yes of course I love my own work.  It’s a scene I saw walking the streets with my giant D850 with a 50mm, not my usual street camera but anything can work.  It’ full of reflections and scenery through the glass, can you tell them apart?see through

I am not sure what it is, but I like shooting scenes with peoples and numbers.  Of course the title needs to be the number, I mean what else could it possibly be.

With all the new whizzbang buildings in Perth lately, the architecture is amazing for photography and when you mix it with some scraggly humans it makes quite the photograph.

twenty eight

When photographing the streets around Perth, there are a a few locations that you keep going back to as they give you something new each time you go.  I think when I finally nail the shot I will probably not go back, but until then must keep trying…this was todays effort, not bad but I know I can do better!conversation