I am Sean, a Perth based photographer enjoying life as it comes…

Welcome to my streetography blog,  photographs on the streets through my eyes and enjoy my world of candid people shots, street portraiture and streetscape.


  1. Nikki Johnson says:

    Very impressed with your work Sean. Most inspiring. I found you on the web whilst looking for other Olympus OMD Users in Perth.

  2. Kellee Francis says:

    Hi Sean, great website! I love your work and the stories you tell with the photos. Streetography is very new to me, and I must admit I get nervous photographing people randomly on the street, but it also intrigues me and I am really keen to learn more. I have booked in to the Streetography Walk in June and I am very much looking forward to learning from you. Cheers, Kellee

    • Hi Kellee, awesome…look forward to seeing you in June, it will be a lot of fun. Everybody gets nervous, you just get used to it and somedays you go out king (or queen) of the world and you shoot everything that moves, other days you go out there you barely find something you like…and that what half the fun is.

  3. Hi Sean, I’m a street photographer myself and I have had an Olympus OMD EM 5 for 3 weeks now – an amazing camera. My Leica Summilux 25mm / 1.4 is my permanent companion. Besides I use a Nikon D 300. I’ve just looked through your pertfolio – very impressive. Keep on rocking 😉

  4. From an artist’s not photographer’s point it “portraits”are exact I just feel like the ones with more of a background lack lustre maybe don’t know what it could be but you need different camera/setting or lens/film

    • Hi Helena, this is my street photography as I see it through my eyes…they background is part of the scene, it is not about portrait photography and the settings I use are usually set before I walk out the door…but thanks for your comment

  5. What camera SLR would you recommend for beginner? I don’t mind cheaper Chinese Taiwanese one

    • Hi Helen film ena, I use many different cameras in my street photography from professional DSLR, to Mirrorless cameras and even film cameras….I would say my preference is a smaller mirrorless camera, you don’t need to spend a lot to be honest and old manual lenses are great on interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras….you set your zone focussing and dont worry about that, then just shoot from the heart

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