I haven’t blogged in a very long time, one could say I have been slack and I could make excuses like “work has been tough”, “I’m too busy”.  But, I really have basically been slack and work has been taking my mind away from creativity.

This day, I was out with the boss one lunchtime shooting the last shots on a roll of AGFA Precisa CT100 on my awesomeness Nikon F100 (for all you gear geeks like me who want to know what camera I was using) and this shot presented itself, I loved the shadows and tunnels feel of this walkway.


  1. Mike Lanza says:

    Hi, Sean

    Some colleagues and I are working on a startup company called “Streetography.” Yes, that’s the name you’ve been using, too.

    Here’s my quick description of it:

    Streetography’s mission is to enable people to experience what it’s like to really be in places through great photos. We accomplish this with a patent-pending user interface for showing photos on a map that’s far more fun and emotionally engaging than the common pins-on-map interface.

    Our long-term business goal is to create a successful map-based advertising network. We will do that through our apps (iOS now, then Android and web), then through an API that brings our interface to travel apps and other categories of apps that use maps. Currently, we’re busy developing the iOS app, and are targeting a September launch.

    I’ll be very excited to see what you and other streetographers think of it. I won’t spend a lot of time actually targeting professional street photographers until we launch our web app because mobile apps don’t fit into their workflow very well.

    Anyway, the main reason I’m contacting you is to see if I could possibly use the Facebook handle, “streetography.” I own the domain, streetography.com.

    Thanks in advance.

    – Mike Lanza

    • Hi Mike, it is not as easy as just giving up my fb page name. The links are everywhere, in books, on other blogs, on websites….please email me direct through my fb page to chat.

  2. Mike Lanza says:

    Hey, Sean – I messaged you on your FB page, but you didn’t reply. Could you email me at mike at lanza dot net? Thanks.

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