It’s been so long between drinks and my street photography has been suffering of late.  I was given a green card by Louise, an arvo to go and play while the girls were out at Lord of the Dance.  So it was off to the city with my Sony A7ii + Loxia 50mm and a 36 roll of Kodak Portra in the Nikon F90X and 85mm.

I did spend part of the day watching the amazing fashion shows for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, which is where most of the film shots went but there should be a few from the street in the mix. I will know once it is developed.

I am happy if I get one good shot when I go street shooting and this particular day I went home a happy man indeed.  The gold shot, pictured below I saw a scene as I walked by, of course I had to go back and set myself in just the right position for it to work “the wings” as you will see, but not just that everything else seemed to fall into place.  There were layers of peoples all over the scene, doing their own things that help make a great photo, yes I think it;s a great shot if I don’t say so myself.



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