There was a very interesting discussion in a facebook group I belong to, RAW Live.  The discussion started by Michael Williams, one of North Americas most experienced photography educators.  Basically Michael noticed that much of the street photography photos shared in the group wasn’t really showcasing Perth city, he hasn’t been here and would like to see more of Perth from a street photography sense rather than holiday photos.

Much of my street photography is based around peoples and their immediate scenes.  I agree, it is hard to see Perth in these shots unless you know Perth, they could have been taken in any city.  I can see the benefit of showcasing Perth and I took the challenge on this week, be it that I didn’t actually get out to shoot much but I have a few photos to share, though I really have to work on showcasing Perth more, it isn’t as easy as I thought.

Photo 1: everyone in Perth would understand, the cost of parking in the city is astronomical.  While not a super exciting shot, the PAY HERE caught my attention and she is being watched….look for parking

Photo 2: As you do, walk down the street with a galah and a couple of parrots on your shoulder. Raising money for our feathered friends with the Canningvale BirdmanCanningvale Birdman

Photo 3: The local police doing their rounds in the malls, keeping the peace….who would get in the way of these horses, they are huge.police horses


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