shooting an M9 @ Photo Expose WA

Posted: June 18, 2013 in Street
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My good friends Seng Mah (Venture Photography)  and Tristan Judd (RAW) organised a week long event called Photo Expose WA in Perth.  It’s a bunch of different photo sessions/workshops/talks etc that are completely free.  The first cab off the rank was “Streetography Photowalk with Sean Breadsell” hang on that is me haha.

We were lucky enough to have Camera Electronic come along to the event, Mich brought along a bag full of cameras suited for street photography.  Of course I had to have a go of the Leica M9 and the Summilux-M 35mm 1.4.  I am fairly used to using a Leica but of the film variety, when I say used to I have put 4 rolls through my M6 so far…so not that used to it really.  I do wish that I had more time top play with it, but I did manage a few shots…

Mr Seng Mah The boxer Trashy Oblivious Street portrait Bird boy Talking to... Follow the girl


  1. thejeremynix says:

    My favorite is the one next to the office supply store. I love the background in that shot.

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