construction dude

Posted: July 26, 2011 in Street

I was taking photos of the new Police station being built in Northbridge, when I hear this shouting voice….”ooooiiiiiiii”….I instantly thought, WTF I can take a photo of whatever I want mate I am on a public street.  But of course the guys shouts “take another one” and he posed haha.  Then when I cross the street further up he comes running up to me asking “wow am I going to be in the paper” errr no mate just taking photos for fun sorry.  Then he recognises the logo on my shirt and says “do you work for ****?” yup sure do mate.  We go through the, can you get me a job there, do you know such and such….he told me his hourly rate of the job he is on, told me he wants to go offshore, he told me everything.  Overall what a nice dude, good luck in the future mate!


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