I was shooting the streets with my good mate Wing today, there was an event and markets on in Northbridge.  Of course I took plenty of shots and they can be seen here.  I also took a couple of colour shots that needed to stay colour and I thought I’d share them with you all, not really street looking photos but still pretty cool.

Red Riding Hood

Band 2        Band 1        Pop Van       Shooting a Star

An odd title yes I know, and also something that I have shot before on my street walks but I had a fancy new to me film camera given to me but a guy at work (Thanks Neil).  I was actually shooting some kind of Kodak colour film, sorry I can’t actually remember which film it was but it was expired and developed with a horrible colour tinge to it, so I just converted to black and white….this was the result, I like it and makes me want to shoot more film BUT which camera. The new to me F90X, the much loved FM2 or my F3, yes I will shoot the F3 but alas it is sick and had to take it to the doctors for an operation.

F90X-a    F90X-cF90X-d  F90X-b  F90X-e

It is amazing to walk around the city these days and see technology everywhere and in just about everyones hands.  What is sad though, half of Perth seems to have their faces buried in their mobile phones while walking the malls.  I noticed this guy was confused with technology, or which technology to use and even with both hands full you see he has more in his pocket.  Wake up peoples, look around there is so much happening around our beautiful city now days and food places.  There is so many places to eat now days, we are blessed with choice.

technology choices

Walking behind restaurants is sometimes interesting, most people wouldn’t even look twice at this guy taking the garbage in…yes in, not out.  But of course when you are a street photographer you can look at just about anything and find it interesting.  I was hoping he saw me so I could capture his emotion but then again he probably wouldn’t have wanted to be caught with the garbage and I respect that so this to me was perfect.  Notice the stripy apron vs the stripy weather boards.

garbage in

Sometimes you come across that special moment when you are out on the streets where you simply must take a picture, when the light is perfect, the heads are all facing the right way and they even have a sign telling you that this is a photographic opportunity. photo opportunity

On my daily walk to work, I pass a restaurant every morning and usually see the owner somewhere close by.  The other day when I passed I saw the owner staring out the window which was definitely a Kodak moment, but I kept walking.  A few hundred meters down the road I stopped and decided to go back to meet the guy, after all I feel like I should know him seeing him so much. I chatted with him for a while and ended up capturing his portrait, we chatted mainly about his son who is into into film photography. Easily my favourite photo of the year! life

I see faces, true story….I was at the Venture Photography Twilight Photowalk last night capturing peoples, twilight kinda stuff and peoples (which is what I am most interested in).  We come to near the end of the walk before settling in and doing some longer exposure fun shooting and I sat on a wall watching the world go by….then it hit me, look at the shots I could be capturing so I waited and waited, shooting and shooting, THEN bam, pow, biff….look at the result, I love it and I had to keep it in colour, the faces on the crowd in the bus is gold!faces