I see faces, true story….I was at the Venture Photography Twilight Photowalk last night capturing peoples, twilight kinda stuff and peoples (which is what I am most interested in).  We come to near the end of the walk before settling in and doing some longer exposure fun shooting and I sat on a wall watching the world go by….then it hit me, look at the shots I could be capturing so I waited and waited, shooting and shooting, THEN bam, pow, biff….look at the result, I love it and I had to keep it in colour, the faces on the crowd in the bus is gold!faces

Another year goes by with the amazing Fringe World festival in Perth, Western Australia.  I didn’t manage to get to any of the events this year for different reasons but I did manage to capture some people around the illuminated signage, a favourite spot for selfies and photos alike (myself included as you can see).


fringeworld2   fringeworld1

One of the biggest events of the year for my home town, Perth was The Giants.  In a nutshell the giant little girl was in search for her uncle, the giant diver.  Of course there is much more of a story than that but you’ll have to read the story to find that out. It was all part of Perth Festival which is on from 13th February to March 7th and this overlaps Fringe World Festival, Perth is on fire at the moment and the city is beaming with people, food and things to do.

giants1  giants2giants3  giants4giants5  giants6

A lot of my street photography is black & white, though I don’t mind the odd colour shot thrown in there and often go out with colour on my mind.  A picture from last year, be it simple and not that interesting for some, I really like it and today I want to share that with you.

colour and color

I was on a search for interesting things to photograph in the streets, but using my 75mm lens on the OM-D E-M1.  Traditionally this is NOT the lens to use for street photography, though I somewhat disagree, you can shoot street with anything and still come up with amazing results.  In this case, the extra zoom came in handy when I saw this man and his beloved bird *cough cough*  It is a very busy scene but for me that was half the interest for me and I made it black & white but the flamingo became somewhat lost.

bird lover

It has been a slow start in 2015  for my street photography, but not for photography in general….I do have another life as many of you may already know.  Today I was on a mission, shoot some of the interesting peoples around the city on this lovely 40 degree summers day.  This guy was interesting, dressed to keep cool with bags of….who knows what….and if you look very carefully there is a tiny person coming out of his pocket (yes that was just lucky timing)packed-n-ready

I have been actively trying to shoot movement in recent times and I am pretty darn happy with the results, I have a bunch of wizz bang shots I even like myself.  Generally they are either peoples or vehicle movements, the next challenge is to incorporate animals…that should be interesting and hard as there isn’t many animals on the streets in Perth.waiting