I have been very quiet on the streetography front for a while now, not given up of course but have been taking a break and concentrating on my day job and family.  Saying that, I never stop looking and the streets and photographs, I was looking over my old galleries today and found a few film shots that I really liked and thought i’d share.

I haven’t blogged in a very long time, one could say I have been slack and I could make excuses like “work has been tough”, “I’m too busy”.  But, I really have basically been slack and work has been taking my mind away from creativity.

This day, I was out with the boss one lunchtime shooting the last shots on a roll of AGFA Precisa CT100 on my awesomeness Nikon F100 (for all you gear geeks like me who want to know what camera I was using) and this shot presented itself, I loved the shadows and tunnels feel of this walkway.


I had the pleasure of presenting to one of our local clubs today and heading off for a street photography walk, the Belmont Camera Club.  I met some new amazing peoples and we talked everything photography which is always a good thing for me, exchanged stories and I talked through my 10 tips to street photography.  Of course I ignore all the “street photography rules” as I don’t think there is any rules but thats another story.  Please enjoy a few of my shots and be sure to checkout my streetography facebook page, I will be sharing some for the clubs photos there from the day.


Can it really be my first post for this year, surely is…I have been far to busy doing, well something anyways.  Today I met a friend in the city for lunch and to wander around taking a few photos, we were commenting on a particular area not having anything much to photograph as it was really just a thoroughfare, or just peoples sitting on their smartphones.  Anyways, I saw this shot and captured it, many of my street photographs are black & white but this needed to be colour and of course if I could go back in time I would frame it slightly different but it is what it is…enjoy my first post for 2016


she’s watching

It’s been a great year in general and I have met some amazing peoples, joining them on photography walks and street sessions of sorts.  My favourite photo, featured in an earlier post here had an honourable mention in the Snap Happy POTY Awards, but an amazing photographer judge by the name of Scott McCook.  While I did not win, I was truly pleased with a honourable mention.

Today, the last day of shooting I was harassed for the first time ever so aggressively.  The full story is on my facebook page streetography, but this will not deter me and I wall always shoot with honour and with morals. May that angry man have a good new years.

My favourite shot for the last days of shooting contains a living thing, but it is not human …enjoy and have a Happy New Years to all my followers around the globe.


a dog’s life

I thought that I should share one of my favourite street photos of the year.  It was during the recent Beaufort Street Festival and I had a few hours to wander around with me and my Son-ikon (Sony body, Nikon 50mm lens).  There was much to do at the festival for young and old, this particular wall was made up of adult colouring book pages and there were many people who had stopped to colour. I had photographed a few different people there but when this one girl was there, the scene screamed out “photograph me”


patterns and swirls

A common scene in many cities of the world, Perth no different.  Somebody buried in their smartphones while the world passes them by.


passing by