I had a couple of hours to shoot the city late arvo today, the sun was a bit far gone in most cases but i found one of my fav places to hang for the crowds had plenty of interesting opportunities so I sat on a chair and let the photo come to me!


I titled this photo purely for the look on the guys face, how happy does he look. Maybe he got just what he wanted from City Beach, or maybe even Pandora…ya just never know!

What a day, Street Photography Perspectives presentations with three of Perths street togs, and the Fried Chicken with a bunch of mates, and then into Forrest Chase to catch he amazing Northern Lights…cough…the Aurora Borealis anyways. But what do I do, watch peoples. cos that is what I do right!

Going back over old photos is great for a couple of reasons, it is good just to see your work and you see it with different eyes. This particular photo I photographed in 2015 and found it again building a presentation for a couple of camera club meetings in the next month. I almost always, well mostly sometimes always convert to black and white with my SeanB preset pack that I have built in Lightroom, but I decided to re-edit or more like unedited to colour with just slight exposure and contrast changes.

Sometimes good photos come from groups of people hanging around after events, my good mate Johannes Reinhart gave an amazing talk at a fundraiser today and waiting outside I noticed layers of peoples with Johannes front-n-centre of course….perfect, thanks for not posing for the shot mate haha

A particular shot I like when shooting the streets is groups of people, faces or just things…but it is not always easy to make something from nothing so to speak. Todays efforts are far from perfect, but I like them anyways and this particular photo I like the grip of school boys, with the guy almost rushing past them and staring me down…though I am sure he actually wasn’t and more than likely using to the train station a little further up.

Can you tell that I love the motion street photographs, and in black&white too…well this was from that same spot, but now with my signature edit…nuff said!