I was walking home from after the final day of a work conference, walking a way I normally don’t go at that time of day and I was noticing more our older generation.  Of course it was probably just me and they are always out an about at that time of the arvo, but in the space of a couple of minutes I had a chance to take a couple of photographs.

Technology, it is not just for young folk!technology for all

Chocolate anyone? chocolate

Vivian Maier did it…..and so have I.  The Selfie!

I was in a bookshop today looking at photography books and found a book of Vivian Maier’s works, all about selfies.  These are not the selfie you see from teenagers all over facebook, these were classy selfies and it seems that all good street photographers should do some kind of selfies.selfie

I haven’t posted much lately but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been shooting.  I have been posting some of my work on facebook under my streetography page, so make sure you check it out.

Now more importantly, check out this shot “it’s a speedy world” I saw this dude watching the world go by and saw a few cars zoom past him which made me think of the shot.  Of course once I set up I had to wait a while for THE shot, cars and buses kept stopping or driving way to slow passed him which ruined my shot.  Patience, you need a bit of that!speedy

Sometimes in the city, we realise that we are really very small…the world is a big place, the city is a big place (despite being little old Perth).  This picture tells the story, a little man in a big world.little man in a big world

The moment when you are too far away but realise ‘oh looksey, I have a zoom lens on the camera today’ awesome, 70mm click and capture a couple of guys jumping around.  I snuck up closer and ready to snap another shot but they packed up shop and took off….so this is it, enjoy!jumpin jack

Where ever you look, there are people everywhere and these are the peoples of Perth…what do I do, I photograph the peoples of Perth, not to make fun of them or to ridicule them but to she peoples of the world that the peoples of Perth are here and ready to be seen.

slow chitter chatter he was good the deal lost step limp step limp

I was out, determined to get some great shots of interesting peoples doing amazing things….but what did I see, not a lot different than every other day but I always love these grand entrances to old buildings and there happened to be a guy on the edge of the entrance and another person walking out, any excuse to shoot the entrance.post office