A common scene in many cities of the world, Perth no different.  Somebody buried in their smartphones while the world passes them by.


passing by

39 degrees C in Perth and the annual Beaufort Street Festival was on, and I wanted to go for a wonder in the hottest part of the day. You’d have thought it would have been quiet being so hot but no, there was millions of people there, ok maybe a slight exaggeration.  There is plenty to see, plenty to eat, more than plenty to drink and a whole heaps of entertainment…if you are into one of Perth’s biggest cultural events of the year, get yourself along.  I hear that after the sun goes down it rocks on until at least 9pm, then the pubs n clubs keep going.

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Another shot from Wing’s photowalk today in Leederville.  Definitely couldn’t resist capturing this little fella, his owner was lost in conversation with her friends but he was watching the world go by.  There was plenty of pooches around, seems these days that everyone likes to take them to cafes.


Oh wait, what, when…yes I do shoot colour street photography as well as black & white but not as often.  Sometimes photos need to be in colour to maintain my vision.  Here is one from a photowalk organised today by my good buddy WIng.


Summer is coming, you can tell these days cos the tourists….not that there is anything wrong with tourists of course as I wish to be one in another country myself…but they do buy the silliest hats.  I wonder if that is what us Aussie’s look like in Europe pr other places, we stand out because of our fashion. What do you think?funny hats

It’s been a tough week at work and I left a little early to walk the long way to my car, through the city and across to Northbridge.  On a Friday night in the city they have night food markets, they were only setting up but wow it looked amazing and I’ll have to take the family for some amazing exotic street foods from all around the world.  None of which has anything to do with my photo of course, this was captured on the way back to my car and though it was nothing super interesting sometimes simplicity works.

just sitting

I saw the bird man in Northbridge again, he is rather connected to these pigeons and clearly loves them…feeding them, cuddling them, yep cuddling them….odd, well maybe but he is happy so good on him.

more birdies