My name is Sean Breadsell and I am a RAW Artist.

A couple of nights ago, a selection of my street photography was exhibited at the RAW Natural Born Artists Showcase, COMMUNIQUÉ.  It was an amazing night, full of entertainment and displays from 30 different artists.

I share with you a selection from my display…

Showcase #2

Showcase #3         Showcase #4         Showcase #1         Showcase #5

Seriously now, I waited for this guy to move and when he did I MISSED IT.  He placed a ciggy paper in his mouth and then went on to play statues with himself again and he won!


It was a cool lunchtime walking the malls of Perth and was much the same as it has been of late, hundreds of peoples on their smart phones or eating or just plain commuting. As the two girls were chatting this guy walked past them, not sure what they were saying but they definitely caught his attention enough to turn his head and eavesdrop….I wonder what they said.

…and don’t forget, I will be one of 30 Artists exhibiting their work and COMMUNIQUÉ next Thursday night @ The Bakery




I have joined the creative crew ‘RAW natural born artists’ and together with some of Perth’s finest talent we will be showcasing our works at COMMUNIQUÉ.  Not your usual style of exhibition, there will be 30 artists in all, ranging from photographers, artists, dancers, fashion designers, musicians, make-up artists and film creators.

July 10th, 7:30pm @ The Bakery.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased on the link below before the event.

I am out shooting the streets of Perth regularly at lunchtime and the people are really great, provide me with lots of interesting opportunities to create some cool photos.  But this guy clearly didn’t want to be seen, hiding behind the pole like that haha


This guy I saw, he wasn’t that interesting and when I saw him earlier on my walk I had not even thought about photographing him.  Then minutes later I was down an alley looking around for interesting things and the same guy walked towards me  *gulp*  he was a bit creepy but I said hello and nodded and I walked past him on the way out.  When I looked back to make sure he wasn’t coming up behind me and he wasn’t, but I saw what I saw and SNAP…took the shot, he was very well camouflaged into the wall.


On my walks through the streets I not only like to photograph people doing their thing, but I also love photographing urban landscapes or streetscapes as I like to call them.  There are many interesting buildings, shapes and shadows cast….all you need to do is look!

new v old red toys OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA