I have been actively trying to shoot movement in recent times and I am pretty darn happy with the results, I have a bunch of wizz bang shots I even like myself.  Generally they are either peoples or vehicle movements, the next challenge is to incorporate animals…that should be interesting and hard as there isn’t many animals on the streets in Perth.waiting

I walk around the city at lunchtime a lot, as many as you will know.  I want to shoot “different” things happening which is what I am looking for, not every second person on a mobile phone or eating or just walking from one place to another.  This dude this day was just an ordinary person doing nothing interesting but when you build him into  the surrounds, I get to make up my own story…clearly he wasn’t shoe shopping….or was he ;)shoe shopping

have you ever felt alone in a big city, well this isn’t really about that but more about how this person seemed to be in rows of chairs that were set up for a big event.  The event being the turning on of the Christmas lights here in my home city of Perth which happens to be tonight.alone

I am always on the hunt for new locations around the streets of Perth to shoot “different” street photography and of late have been playing with motion as you would have seen from the previous post “Journey”.   Today I find a cool location, waited a long time and I was quite patient surprisingly but in the end it was worth it as I captured shot that I was looking for.just do 50

I am inspired to shoot some street photography that is a little different than just people doing stuff, well that is hard to explain but I want more structure and better framed.  Find an interesting spot and wait for something to happen that catches my eye, but find a spot that has character.  The result, one of my favourite street photos to date.journey

I have been away for a couple of weeks and haven’t shot the streets much let alone posted, but this past few days I have enjoyed the walks.  Spring is here, the fashion changes, there is more and more peoples out and the whole vibe has changed….love it, bring on summer!

lovers fixing the up thing looking at transporter

An interesting stroll in the city today, everyone seemed to be carrying things and not little things, or even carrying them the right way.  I mean who pushes a rather large trolley up escalators and who throws fully dress mannequins over their shoulder, then walks them down the malls of the city.  Well, these guys do and they make good subjects for my photography so I thank them.

up the escalator  mannequin over the shoulder